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Departure is Anders’ debut album. It's is recorded on the west coast of Ireland, in collaboration with producer Jack Talty and a handful of prodigious Irish musicians. Additionally, one of Scandinavia’s foremost performers in the Irish tradition, Esbjörn Hazelius, also participates. The album consists mainly of music taken from the Irish traditional music repertory, but watch out for a couple of original compositions as well! ​​. 



Anders Lillebo – piano accordion, piano 

Jack Talty – piano

Caoimhín Ó Fearghail – guitar & bouzouki 

Tommy Hayes – percussion 

Matthew Berrill – clarinet & bass clarinet
Esbjörn Hazelius – fiddle & cittern 


«The album might be called Departure but on the quality of the music here, Anders has arrived!»

-Irish Music Magazine-


«An admirable debut album.»

-The Living Tradition-

Departure - CD