Norwegian musician Anders Lillebo is currently one of the strongest voices of Irish Traditional Music in Scandinavia. Having a background as a jazz pianist, he released his first album with Irish music, called Departure, in 2017. It received  favorable reviews from a wide selections of blogs and magazines, e.g. Irish Music Magazine and The Living Tradition.


In the summer of 2018, after moving back to the Norwegian countryside where he grew up, Anders invited some of his favourite musicians over to his house to record his second album. 


«I wanted this album to have a laid back and collaborative vibe, I therefore invited some of my friends over to the house to jam on some of our favourite tunes!»


This resulted in the album Homecoming, coming out on Feb 1, 2019. It showcases four musicians, from Norway, England and Ireland all with strong individual voices interpreting traditional tunes from the Irish Traditional Music repertoire. A couple of Scandinavian tunes and original compositions are thrown in for good measure!

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Anders Lillebo - Piano, Organ (track 8)

Olav Rossebø - Fiddle, Mandolin, Banjo

James Taylor - Guitar

Arthur Stones - Bouzouki, Banjo (track 4)

Recorded by Anders Lillebo

Mixed by Hans Martin Austestad

Mastered by Jonas Howden Sjøvaag at Færder Audio

Cover art & design by Ingrid Granrud Veiersted

Label - Just for the records

Catalog number - JFR732. 7041880997465

Date of release: Feb 1, 2019

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